A teacher’s diary from Poland

This is my fourth diary, and it will be just a fractured tale as the others. On the one hand, it has been a privilege – though earned through a bit of More »


A 10th grader’s diary in Poland

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A 12th grader’s diary in Poland

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The European Team

Comenius project and true European cooperation in Mottola, Italy

Mottola, a small town in the South of Italy, is the wonderful setting where our second project meeting has taken  place.The meeting has almost ended and I wish it had lasted longer. More »



Călătoria noastră în Ankara, a început cu un răsărit de soare minunat văzut de sus, de deasupra Pământului învelit cu o plapumă de nori. Pe cerul negru, parcă obosit de atâta noapte, More »

Thanks for the great work

Thanks everyone for work with the project. It was very good experience for us, specially for me.The meetings during the project were very very interesting. New methods, new tools, new ideas – I will try to use them on my lessons. My students were happy they knew new friends. Sorry that they didn’t write so much they are very nice but a little lazy :) .

Final meeting in Romania


It is now well over a month since we came back from the final meeting in Bucharest. That means that we have had plenty of time to reflect and remember our time in Romania. The other night Swedish television showed an English programme about the Queen of England and her busy year of 2012 with the Jubilee as well as the Olympic Games. In one scene she was seen being photographed together with royalties from all over the world, next to her the Romanian King was seated. Thanks to the guide during our trip to Brasov and Bran Castle I could now tell my family some stories from this King´s life. Stories that she shared with me during the coffee break that we stopped for before getting to the mountains. Amazing. The things we have learnt during this project, both big and small, certainly has made Europe seem closer both on a professional and peronal level.

Staying in Bucharest was an enjoyable experience from the first day to the last. The meeting was well planned with a number of interesting things to watch and discuss.  At the opening meeting we were moved by the beautiful singing of the students on stage.It was interesting to walk around the school and being able to see how some classes were working (thank you to the teachers who opened up their classroom doors!). The game about Europe was thoroughly introduced and played by students so now we know how it works and it will be easier for us to use it with our students. We would also like to thank Polina, who shared her interactive lesson in English with us, we appreciated its motto on success as well as its integrated playful parts. On the first day we were treated to a very nice lunch at the school, where we could try lots of different kinds of food. Thanks to all of you who contributed!

The cultural visit to the Village museum was something we really appreciated. The weather was perfect for a day outdoors. I was lucky to have Christina, teacher of French, as my guide and she showed me a lot of interesting houses. The one I will never forget is the one who was halfway built underground, which provided heat in the winter and coolness in the summer. We all now have painted eggs from the Village Museum to remind us of this day! Going to Bran Castle through the mountains was also something that we will never forget. The beauty of the mountains and the different cottages built on the slopes of them were an extraordinary sight. The Castle itself was not a scary place at all, instead it was quite cute and had a nice layout. Visiting the Palace in Bucarest was an experience hard to describe. Spending nearly an hour walking through these big rooms guided informatively was breath taking and almost a bit intimidating. Learning that we had then only seen 3 percent of the building was hard to believe. From sitting upstairs during the bustour in the City we saw a lot of interesting buildings. The one I choose to mention is the big building that housed the newspaper during the Communist era, “The Sparkle”?

The city itself provided everything a big city should. We remember the green parks and trees that added fresh air to the streets. The hotel was top class. Every day we were refreshed by sleeping ever so well in our luxurious rooms and eating a breakfast consisting of literally anyting you could ever dream about having in the morning. Situated in the middle of the city it was easy to get to and from. Eating supper together on one of the top floors the last night gave us a feeling of seriousness and it gave us the last opportunities to talk to our colleagues from all the different countries.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the Romanian teachers and students who made our stay so interesting and enjoyable.

We are happy that we have discovered a new country and its inhabitants under these favourable circumstances and we would like to come back with friends and family.

We would also like to thank Iulia, our coordinator, for the excellent way she has lead this project. Iulia – With stamina, patience and kindness combined with necessary firmness and brains you have guided us now for two years! During our last meeting you told us that we had completed everything and even more – and that is thanks to you. Following the direction that you set out for us has been a pleasure. We have learnt so much from you, you are a true inspiration. Thank you!

Helena Hedqvist, writing for all the teachers in Hässelbygårdsskolan that was in this project


Our impressions from Romania

From the very beginning we felt warmly welcome by the Romanian team. We were picked up by the French teacher at the airport so it was very easy to get to our hotel.
At school we were also very well treated and all the activities were manageable for both students and teachers. We found the English activities presented very useful for its use in the classroom and the teachers in our school are delighted with them.
When we travelled to Transilvania, we were absolutely amazed by the beauty of the region and we learnt some interesting things about the history of the country. One of the Romanian students kindly taught us about Brasov and the history of Transilvania as he was from the area.
We were also very pleased with the city of Bucharest. We didn´t know much about it and it was a surprise to find many beautiful historical buildings and the politeness of the Romanian people.
We would definitely like to know and see more of your beautiful country.

Impressions from Romania

By Mariyana Savova
I have been in Romania a lot of times but this visit is the one that I will always remember. I was impressed by the hospitality and the warming and friendly behavior of everyone during the whole visit. I had a great time on the excursions to the Brasov, Bran Castle and the village with the typical Romanian houses (I don’t remember its name :D ). I also enjoyed the time spent in the old part of Bucharest because it has really beautiful buildings from different historical periods and a lot of places for entertainment. I will never forget our nights out because the hosting students did their best to make us pleased and happy. I learnt a lot about the cultures of all the countries in the projects and I improved my English skills. I am looking forwards to seeing my friends from the project again.


By Elina Slavcheva
Visiting a new country is always a great experience. I am glad that I was taking part in this Comenius project in the last two years because it gave me the opportunity to find new friends, learn new things and to visit Romania.
In the very beginning I was very excited. I really enjoyed my stay in Romania. The family in whose home I was for a few days was simply amazing. They were so kind and nice to me all the time. What is more, I really liked all the people in the project. I found that the Romanians, as coordinators, did a great job and were always ready to help the others.
The trip to the Bran Castle and Brasov was nice and it was very interesting for me, as well, because I have never been to these places before. It was also interesting for me to see Bucharest and its museums, parks and its other lovely places. I spent a marvelous week with all these people in Bucharest, and I am thankful to all Romanians who made this week unforgettable.

Impressions from Romania

By Lyuboslava Hristova
The visit in Romania was the last one for this project and a remarkable one. For one more time teachers and students had the opportunity to experience the benefits of the project, to exchange information, to meet new people, to try out new activities.
During our stay in Bucharest we find out that this is a really beautiful city with its old buildings, small balconies, welcoming cafes and romantic streetlights. The night walks there were real pleasure and offered a good chance to enjoy some nice life music, meet street actors or buy some beautiful flowers.
The Romanian hosts had prepared a lot of interesting activities for us. We tried ice-skating in one of the city malls, visited the biggest park and sailed a boat, we enjoyed ourselves in the Old Town. Our program also included sightseeing, we visited an interesting park with typical old houses, the beautiful old city Brashov and the legendary castle of Dracula situated high in the mountains with a spectacular view. Moreover, we had the opportunity to explore a part of the Romanian Parliament which is the biggest building in Europe and the second in the world and makes the visiters’ heads spin because of its magnificent interior. We all learned a lot about Romanian history, culture and traditions.
Of course, for us, students, the best part of the project was the meeting of new people from different nationalities, the communication with them and the friendships we made. We had the chance to compare our lifestyles with theirs’, to find common interests and to have a lot of fun. We learned many interesting facts about the different countries and some new words in each other’s languages.
Unfortunately, this was the last meeting of the project but there are a lot of things that will remain – the experience we gathered, the friends we made and the unforgettable memories that these meetings have given us. The distance is always a problem, however with the contemporary means of communication we can stay in touch with our new friends and perhaps some day our international companionship will meet again.

Impressions from Romania

Hello, I am Georgi Arihtev from Bulgaria. My impressions for the visit in Romania are very good. The people there are very friendly especially the family which I was guest at. They were very kind and they pleased all my needs. Also the boy who was my host was very nice. On the first day we were a little bit early in the school and he took me for a tour in it, he met me with his friends and some of his teachers. Most of the participants in the project were very nice and friendly but some I think were shy and we didn’t make a good friendship with them. We had great time all over the visit in Romania. I really liked the museums we were at and the tours we had. The Dracula castle was a place I wanted to visit from lots of years and it’s like a dream come true for me. Also it was a lot of fun in the bus while we were traveling. But I still think that if the visit in all of the countries was more time it was going to be a more successful project. It is still good, it was very useful for all of us. We improved our English, we learnt a lot about other country traditions. I enjoyed my stay in Romania and I hope there will be more projects like this!

Impressions from Romania

By Vesela Angelova
At the beginning I didn’t think that I would have such a great time in Romania. Unfortunately, in the end I was crying. It wasn’t the places I was, it was just the great people I met there. Also, I like Bucharest. It’s very big and in the same time a really nice place to live in. I’m happy that I made some new friends and hope to keep in touch with them. We have a lot ofsimilar stuff in the folklore, for example the national costumess. They’re very close to the Bulgarian. Of course, I have my favorite students but in the end I was sad for everybody. They were very nice, hospitable and polite with us and the teachers, too. I noticed that the students there study a lot and that’s very important. The people in Bucharest are very polite even to the strangers who are not from Romania. I like that everyone was speaking English. May be not very well but I could buy souvenirs for example. I hope one day we all will meet again.

to finance!


As we said in the forum, we, the Spanish boys, are selling vegetable plants, fot example tomatos, to finance the trip, and is resulting a very good idea!! :)

we, the four boys that are going to go to romania are selling flowers to finance the travel